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PLUW monitoring system

Tests reinforced piping systems underwater for leaks.


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Tests reinforced piping systems underwater for leaks.
The reinforced piping systems' connections are mounted and sealed on both sides in pressure testing devices. One pressure testing device is connected to the high pressure line,
then the sealed test specimen is placed on the grate of the submersible frame. The testing process is started via the capacitive start buttons. The lid closes and the specimen is subjected to the set test precompression to prevent the penetration of water into the specimen when the submersible frame is lowered into the water. The submersible frame is then lowered into the water and the specimen is subjected to the set testing pressure — the test sequence can be monitored on the control display. At the end of the test period, the specimen is vented and pressurized with the set test precompression. The submersible frame is then lifted out of the water; the specimen is completely deflated and the lid is opened. The pressure testing devices are loosened and the tested piping system is removed.


  • Siemens S7-300
  • Memory capacity for 500 data sets
  • Simatic HMI TP700 Comfort control panel with graphically supported, operator-led interface via touch screen

Specifications PLUW-01

Test pressure 8 - 40 bar
Operating pressure 6 – 10 bar
Basin interior dimensions 1496 x 661 x 668 mm
Space requirement 2630 x 770 x 1824 mm (W x D x H)
Total weight 1000 kg
Water volume 443 l/kg at 450mm fill level
Working voltage 400 V / 50 Hz
Compressed air supply 6 bar

PLUW 01 brochure



  • Testing module for double O-ring sampling


  • Teaching trolley with quick-change system and controller
  • Assembling gauge with monitoring
    Assembling gauge with monitoring
  • Molded hose gauge
  • Combi-gauge, 2-fold application
  • Prefabricated part gauge
  • Pipe elbow gauge


  • Pneumatically assisted mounting device for ring fittings
  • Drill device for high-frequency drilling machine
  • Twin soldering device
  • Hose marking system

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