The radial press is used for pressing aluminum or steel sleeves onto pipes.


A sleeve is placed manually onto a built-in receiver in the press system (the receiver is specially matched to each task). The pipe with the barrel nipple is checked for the presence of O-rings in the O-ring control system; the pipe is then pushed through the sleeve into the receiver as far as the limit. After approval, the pressing operation can be started manually via a capacitive START button on the O-ring control system. The sleeve is pressed onto the pipe. After pressing, the press jaws open automatically and parts can be removed. Subsequently, the nipple with sleeve can be held in the MMS system for lubrication.

  • radial-crimping-machine RPS-04


  • Constructed on an aluminum profile frame
  • Integrated control cabinet including cabinet ventilation in the frame
  • 6 pressing segments (6 press jaws)
  • Press dimension setting via servo motor setting
  • Includes minimum-quantity lubrication system and NW08-16 interchangeable adapter
  • Includes O-ring control system with camera system / NW08-16 interchangeable adapter
  • Includes storage for stockpiling of parts
  • Siemens CPU
  • Siemens touch panel with simple menu navigation

Specifications RSP-04

Pressing force 2 t
Noise emission < 50 dB (A)
Installation area (W x D x H) 1305 mm x 990 mm x 1974 mm
Connected value 400 V, 50 Hz / 3 kVA
Pneumatic Connected value 6 bar
Weight 400 kg

RSP-04 brochure