The horizontal double crimping machine is used for the assembly of hoselines systems. Generally, aluminum or steel inserts are inserted on one or both ends, then crimped simultaneously.

  • Horizontal-Doppelschlauchpresse HDSP-07


The pipe sections are inserted intothe orientation fixtures by hand. The hose is positioned on the pipe segments on both sides and inserted intothe clamping rails of the middle stand. On START, both crimping rings close, the clamping rail clamps the hose, the crimping rings are locked, the machine moves to the programmed dimensionfor insertion, and crimping is carried out. After crimping, the crimping rings andthe clamping rails open, and the machine moves to the position for removal of the line. The reinforced hose is removed and the machine moves into the loading position.The machine has safety systems monitoring all functions. Technological data can be recorded and stored in the controller.

Specifications HDSP-07

Pressing force max. 25 t (65 t /VA)
Insertion force 2 kN
Travel 145 – 980 mm (with middle stand)
Sensor query Twice per side for process monitoring
Noise emission <65 dB(A)
Installation area 2540 mm x 2100 mm
Connected value 400 V / 50 Hz / 7 kVA
Pneumatic connected value 6 bar
Weight 1500 kg

HDSP-07 brochure




The same as the horizontal double crimping machine (HDSP), however with just one crimping ring. Very suitable for lines with a molded hose. Due to its excellent accessibility, this hose press is particularly suitable for very short or very long hoses.

  • Horizontal single hose press


  • Horizontal single crimping machine with one crimping ring.
  • Hydraulic pressing process
  • Open press system for very good handling when inserting and removing parts.
  • Before pressing, the hose is automatically tensioned and plugged by the servo axis.
  • Relative positions of the parts are defined by using an orientation fixture for the tube and a clamping rail for the hose.
  • The press / plug-in process is triggered via the START button. Safety monitoring via a light curtain.
  • Manual and automatic operation are possible.
  • The machine is compact and constructed on an aluminum profile frame.


  • Siemens S7-1500F
  • Memory capacity for 500 datasets
  • Simatic HMI TP700 Comfort control panel with graphically supported, operator-led interface via touch screen

Specifications HESP-04

Pressing force max. 25 t (65 t /VA)
Insertion force 2 kN
Noise emission <65 dB(A)
Installation area approx. 1630x2200x1950 mm (WxDxH)
Connected value 400 V / 50 Hz / 7 kVA
Pneumatic connected value 6 bar
Weight 1360 kg

HESP-04 brochure