Riester GmbH

Everything under one roof!

Riester special purpose machines are made here, at our site in Aspach.


We design our machines in accordance with your requirements; our engineers will work closely with you to find the optimal solution. Whether special purpose machines, automation or equipment, we will show you the path to your goal with constructive ideas for mechanics, electrics and software.

  • aerial view of the site in Aspach


Production — not as a necessary evil!

We place great emphasis on precision because this is the genesis of our products. We manufacture individual components flexibly and quickly with maximum quality, and our high level of vertical integration guarantees short response and delivery times.
3-shift production is available on request.
When it comes to milling, we really step on the gas!

We are happy to offer you this service also.

  • assembly hall in Aspach
    Hall for final assembly of the machines


Here, all components are combined into a precise system. After thorough testing of the mechanics, the machine gets its PLC and all functions are tested. After passing the test run, the machine is made ready for dispatch and delivery.